Little me. (Not much has changed.)
My best friend Edie and I!
BCA's theatre class of 2020!
Me and my sister Maddie!
Me and my dad!
Me and my mom!
Triplet theme day of tech week!
My dogs, Cheech and Fonzie!


A little bit about me: ever since I was little, I've been absolutely in love with the performing arts. I wrote my first song at 1 and a half (titled "Silly Credit Card"), choreographed my first dance at 3 ("The Felf"), and wrote a play at 4, which I later cast my friends in and organized a performance of in front of the preschool. 

As time has passed, my creative spirit and I have grown up quite a bit. At around 12, I started taking voice and dance classes, and I auditioned for some shows at my local youth theater. 

Soon after, I began to attend high school at Bergen County Academies, where I was a member of the theatre academy. The constant exposure to artists and creative thinkers was like nothing I'd ever experienced before, and it completely reshaped the way I approach theatre and music. I've since broken into writing, producing and composing in addition to performance. (More specifics about that on my resumé!)

I'm currently working toward a BFA in musical theatre at the Boston Conservatory. 

Outside of theatre, I love traveling, sewing, choral singing and arrangement, astrology, history, and my wonderful family and friends. 

Little me. (Not much has changed.)