Ever since I was little, I've been in love with the performing arts. I wrote my first song at 1 and a half (titled "Silly Credit Card"), choreographed my first dance at 3 ("The Felf"), and wrote a play at 4, which I later cast my friends in and organized a performance of in front of the preschool. 

As time has passed, my creative spirit has grown. At around 12, I started taking voice and dance classes, and I auditioned for shows at my local youth theater. 

Soon after, I began to attend high school at Bergen County Academies, where I was a member of the theatre academy. All of the exposure to artists and creative thinkers was nothing I'd ever experienced before, but it completely reshaped the way I approached theatre and music. I've since broken into writing, producing and composing in addition to performance. 

In the fall, I will be (remotely!) attending Boston Conservatory for a BFA in musical theatre.

Outside of theatre, I love traveling, choir, astrology, activism, history, reading, fashion and my wonderful family and friends.