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Previously known as "SIREN"

AMERICAN SIREN takes place in an alternate version of 2026, where a charismatic leader with a predilection for ancient Greek mythology has been elected to the American presidential office. As his party's platform moves closer and closer to fascism, recent college graduate Brent chooses ignorant bliss and tunes out the news despite warnings from Adeline, a political journalist and Brent’s closest friend. But when Brent is drafted to fill a particularly violent role within this new administration, he is put directly at odds with everything he once believed about his country and himself. AMERICAN SIREN comments on the consequences of “staying out of it” and examines the way that queer identity fits into the puzzle of surviving an oppressive government.

2022 O'Neill NMTC Semifinalist

2022 Newground Theatre Company @ Boston Conservatory

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A Love Story (With Supernatural Roadblocks) takes place in two worlds: on Earth as we know it and in the Cupidverse, primarily at the office of supernatural matchmaking firm Cupidity LLC. Plumeria, Cupidity LLC's whip-smart but vain head cupid, has been trusted with a matchmaking case that will decide the future of the firm. But Plumeria's perfect world is turned upside down when new employee Marley arrives and quickly becomes the new favorite in the office. Can these two cupids sort out their differences before those on Earth suffer the consequences?

2019 Emerging Artists' Theatre New Works Festival

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